philomytha (philomytha) wrote in lmb_challenge,

this week's prompt: the dinner party

I've been reading ACC, and so for this week's 'missing scene' prompt, I thought we might take the infamous Dinner Party and fill in some of the gaps around it. Cordelia has off-screen conversations with the Vorthyses, with Alys and Simon, and with Enrique. Somebody tells Enrique about Cordelia's scientific attainments, and he starts to worships at her altar. Dono, Olivia and the Vorbrettens go off together - what do they say about it all, and is this the start of Dono and Olivia's romance? How does the gossip get loose and spread around the city? What are the servants and armsmen saying? You could go to the start of the sequence - what *is* Dono telling all the women over cocktails before dinner? There's Aral meeting the Vorkosigan butter bugs, the Koudelkas arguing, Simon feeling guilty, Galeni realising Kareen and Mark are together, the incident with the drains, and Ivan running off to hide... plenty of characters and possibilities to play with. Have fun!

Fic of all lengths and types is welcome, as is art. And, as always, you can use any past prompt instead if this one doesn't inspire you.
Tags: prompts
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