bookish_brownie (bookish_brownie) wrote in lmb_challenge,

This Week's Prompt: Ista's flight

Sorry that I'm a little late, but at least it's still Sunday in my part of the world. For this month's theme, philomythahad an idea that we could do missing moments, so I'm going to run with that. Therefore, this week's prompt is what went on behind the scenes when Ista ran away after the funeral at the beginning of Paladin of Souls. Were her keepers frantic, angry; were they almost relieved? Or perhaps you could do a common person's perspective on the extra bustle of Ista's attendants.

If this prompt does not move you to create masterpieces, past prompts are always available. Fic of all length and art are very welcome.
Tags: prompt: ista's flight, prompts
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