firefly_124 (firefly124) wrote in lmb_challenge,

This week's prompt: warnings

This week's challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write, draw, or otherwise create something Bujoldian to do with warnings. Could be ImpSec missing the warning signs of a plot, Ista issuing a warning on behalf of the Bastard, or Dag and Fawn teaching farmers about the warning signs of a malice.

As always, past prompts are up for use if this one doesn't inspire.

The prompting schedule for the next few weeks is:

May 31: philomytha
June 7: bookish_brownie
June 14: firefly124

If anyone else is interested in helping out with the prompt rotation, feel free to comment and volunteer!

Also, we've been running this "types of information/communication" theme for a couple of months. Any thoughts on a theme for June?
Tags: prompt: warnings, prompts
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